Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The State of Affairs

Well hello. It has been over a year. Where did that time go?! Personally over the last 18 months I have been dissolving my marriage and retraining in my profession so no surprises that side-projects get a bit sidelined...

"Freedom, tolerance, respect for the rule of law, belief in personal and social responsibility and respect for British institutions"

Bravo Mr. Cameron, Bravo...
I quite like this, not a fan of DC myself but I think this quote is a fair sound-bite for the media to spin with.

Whilst we all scrabble around desperately trying to identify what British Values are, ("Who are we?" "What Does it all mean?" I hear you all shouting...) you might take a minute to ponder on who YOU are, as an individual. I think this might lead to a greater success rate in identification. Trying to "label" a society will rarely work, being told by your "elected leader" that we are a free and tolerant society, a respectful and responsible society, is ultimately just rubbish.

How many of you are genuinely taking time out of your day, after this government push to identify who we are, to think about who we are as an individual... thought so. I already know who I am, and although that is subject to change based on circumstances and surroundings, I have MY core values like; I won't be violent towards a fellow human being, I won't take something that isn't mine and I will generally try to be pleasant to other people etc..
As an adult we have grown with, hopefully, our own brain and have had our values instilled into us by the adults around us as we grew up.  Is it any wonder that the child of a family with poor living standards, little money and poor education provided by "government standards" grows up to have little aspiration?
Personally I come from a fortunate background, was educated in the public school sector and loathed every minute of it BUT; I was surrounded by adults and peers of a high class.

I learnt manners, I learnt respect and I learnt that actions have consequences. And all of this whilst being forced to attend morning school church services I might add.

"EXTREMISM!" I hear you all shout, "INDOCTRINATION!!" you cry! How can you forced a child to go to church!!!????
Nope, no one said a word. Pretty normal really, and I still managed to pick up enough education to realise that religion was all nonsense.

So is it a problem with Islam? I understand that schools should not be covertly instilling religious principles into children at school but surely it can't be a huge problem if it happens can it?

Of course I am playing devils advocate. It is a big problem. But not just with Islam. Christianity peddles the same filth as does Judaism and so on and so on.

If there is a problem with anything it is that religion is taught in any way in any school other than in a way that shows ALL religions in the same light, not taught AS an accepted religion but as an subject of scrutiny. To be shown the teaching of all of them, the background and history of each and then, once a child gets older, allow them to choose to follow a faith if they so please.

British Values?
-Double Standards
-False Democracy
-Faux Tolerance

...And all whilst still being polite and in a queue.